Big Blunt Shop Partner & Endorsed Artists

Big Blunt Shop proudly endorses and supports several high profile Indonesian & International musicians with our products. Further to that, several of those musicians are internationally recognised endorsees of those products.

Some of our endorsed Artists: 

ACCORDANCE - Cross Genre/Hybrid Genre/Experimental

An accidentally catch up of four young men who got similar aim in music harmony.
After those impressive talks, an opinion has risen regardless of what is going on in the music industry, for us music is a main way to express every single feeling we have, based on what we love to hear without boundaries how music are divided into genres.
Music is a particular thing we could embrace naturally, and human’s mood keep taking part to be influenced. We do have different genres before we are united, and we are proudly gather the ideas in music without determining what music we are playing and what genres we are. We love to share our expressions as free as bird flying high through music and we’ve been trying to be loyal to music.

Sigit Pratama  : VOCAL & GUITAR

Rendy Martha Choesa : DRUM

Bayu Raditya Prabowo : LEAD GUITAR

Octavianto Wisnu Yogha : BASS



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