Big Blunt Shop 5th Anniversary Party

Big Blunt Shop 5th Anniversary Party

365 Ecobar, Kemang, Jakarta Indonesia, 19 September 2015

BigBluntshop celebrating the 5th year, after a long journey from 2010 to 2015. BigBluntShop continues to provide breakthroughs and new trends in the world of smoke, to honor and express gratitude to all buyer, member, family and our friends, then Bigbluntshop holds an event containing a variety of exciting activities such as live music, photo contest, beer pong, etc.


  • Great family BBS (Smoking, Clothing & Commercial Division)
  • Westwew Crew
  • Eastwood Handcrafted
  • Indoripap Papers
  • Minion Rider Motor
  • Otter Inc. Vespa Crew.
  • 365 Ecobar Kemang.
  • Tuan Tigabelas.
  • Bloodshot Bandits.
  • Rebel Education Project.
  • Accordance Tunes
  • Young de Brock.
  • DJ Bam.
  • Duo Kimseng.
  • Big Pow Crew.
  • Ciu Solo.
  • All guests and associates who have been pleased to come to our event and we can't call one by one.

We love y'all Guys :) Thank you for always choose as the place to buy your weapons of war.

The Journey never ends…

See you again in the Next Event.
Big Up & Always Enjoy Responsibly

5th anniversary banner